About HPCANYS Pediatric Palliative Care Training (HIPPC)

Providing palliative care for children is a challenge, even for seasoned health care professionals, including hospice professionals. In many, if not most communities in NYS, hospice and palliative care personnel are not trained or staffed to meet the unique needs of children; clinical teams experienced in the specialized provision of pediatric palliative care are few. A significant barrier to pediatric palliative care referrals and the provision of pediatric palliative care is the lack of specialized education and training needed to promote the growth of pediatric palliative care teams and programs.

In 2011, recognizing a need for a truly interdisciplinary curriculum for providers of pediatric palliative care, the HPCANYS Children’s Advisory Group, developed an interdisciplinary pediatric end-of-life and palliative care curriculum intended to provide a basic understanding of the unique concerns, issues and skill sets required in the provision of pediatric palliative care. The curriculum promotes standard pediatric palliative care concepts and practices and focuses on how disciplines overlap and support each other to provide optimum care for children and their families at end of life.

HIPPC 2-Day Training

The HPCANYS Interdisciplinary Pediatric Palliative Care (HIPPC) training is a 2-day intensive 101 training that provides targeted and specialized training for the entire interdisciplinary team. The curriculum encompasses 10 distinct modules; two address clinical care issues, one focuses on legal and ethical concerns and one details the legislative environment and advocacy opportunities with regard to increasing access to quality pediatric palliative care. The remaining six modules address other elements of patient and family support such as, effective communication, spiritual care, the use of massage and expressive therapies, care at the time of death and loss and grief. The training is unique in that it supports all members of the team, not just the clinical providers for the purpose of building capacity for the provision of quality interdisciplinary pediatric palliative care services throughout New York State.

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