HIPPC Faculty Training

HIPPC faculty trainingThe HPCANYS Interdisciplinary Pediatric Palliative Care (HIPPC) training is a targeted and specialized training for the entire interdisciplinary pediatric palliative care team and has been delivered to hospice and palliative care providers throughout New York State. HPCANYS has offered two regional HIPPC 101 trainings in NYC and one in Albany, NY. The success of the curriculum and these trainings has demonstrated a need and a demand from providers across the state, but to meet these demands we understood that our HIPPC faculty must be expanded.

With support from the NYS Health Foundation, we have built on the existing HPCANYS Interdisciplinary Pediatric Palliative Care (HIPPC) training to create a ‘HIPPC Faculty Development Training.’ The intent of this training is to prepare qualified interdisciplinary training teams capable of delivering HIPPC trainings in their own geographical regions, communities or institutions and to foster a statewide and regional network and support system among providers. Participants must submit an application for acceptance into the training to assure to assure that trainees possess the qualifications required. We are seeking applicants who are willing to dedicate time and expertise in pursuit of developing greater capacity for the practice of pediatric palliative care in NYS and to engage in the development of a statewide professional support network.

The HIPPC Faculty Development trainings are being initially offered in four regions across New York State in 2013 and 2014. The first training was successfully completed in the New York capital district region in June of 2013 and the second training was recently completed in New York City; trainings will be conducted trainings in Central and Western New York in 2014. To date, fifty-five professionals have completed the faculty development training and HPCANYS expects to utilize many of these new faculty members in upcoming HIPPC 101 trainings.

View upcoming HIPPC 101 and Faculty trainings or other events on our website's Events section.

HIPPC faculty training HIPPC faculty training

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