Welcome to the Virtual Advisor Portal

This portal has been designed to provide a framework for continuing education and support by enabling hospice and palliative care providers to connect with experienced pediatric palliative care advisors when needed, regardless of where they are in the state. If you have a question, dilemma, situation or concern about the care of a pediatric patient and their family, the interdisciplinary team or legislative/policy issues that you think our advisors may help with, just ask.

About our Virtual Advisors

  • Our Virtual Advisors represent the full spectrum of disciplines and will be available to answer questions and/or refer you to appropriate resources.
  • Advisors will respond to questions within 24hours if received between the hours of 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday
  • Responses may include a notification of the receipt of the question with a time that a response or follow-up may occur

Please note, this platform is not to be used for emergency or time sensitive situations. If your situation is an emergency do not contact an advisor, seek help immediately.

How to use the Virtual Advisor Portal

  • Review the Medical, Legal and HIPPC disclaimers as they relate to the Virtual Advisor correspondence
  • Review the topic areas below to choose the Advisor that best fits your needs
  • Click on the Advisor icon for more information about that topic and to submit your question
  • If you do not receive a response within the timeframe specified, contact HPCANYS directly at (email address will be the same as the virtual advisor forms will go to)

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